The MaxLLG team




Conor studied Theoretical Physics at Trinity College Dublin before working as a programmer at CRANN simulating randomly assorted nanowire networks. During his PhD he presented at 10 conferences including the world-leading conferences in magnetism (MMM/Intermag) and has published several papers in the area of microwave magnetic materials. Conor began on the ICURe programme as entrepreneurial lead after the submission of his PhD thesis in September 2018. Following recommendation by the panel to spin-out, MaxLLG secured Innovate UK grant funding as part of the ICURe follow on funding competition.

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Feodor is an Associate Professor at the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter. He has more than 20 years of research experience in magnetism and magnetic materials covering a wide range of sample fabrication, magnetic characterisation and modelling techniques. Feodor has an MSc from Moscow’s Institute of Physics and Technology and a PhD in Physics from Keele University.  He is currently the author of more than 60 published research articles, with over 500 citations. He has one patent and one more application at PCT stage. He is also a holder of €3m grant (EU HORIZON2020 FET-OPEN, project ABIOMATER) to develop a new class of magnetoelastic metamaterials.




Robin is an experienced commercial director with over 30 years’ experience. Robin has led new businesses in the photonics and healthcare technologies industries. Robin also has extensive experience in the finance industry; however, he has a particular focus on the commercialisation of innovative new ideas and technologies in multiple sectors. Robin was a VP at JDS Uniphase where he managed multiple sites world-wide and various photonics businesses in the telecommunications sector, with his role generally revolving around the oversight and facilitation of current/new technologies. Robin also had senior positions (Founder or Director) for three photonics businesses including SIFAM Fibre Optics, EvanesCo and Fianium.



Scientific Adviser

Dr Mustafa Aziz (MMA) is an engineer whose expertise is in the theoretical modelling of magnetisation switching and electromagnetic phenomena in continuous and discrete magnetic materials. As lead on EPSRC grant (GR/S46161/01), he investigated high-speed magnetic switching in thin-film magnetic recording heads using high-frequency impedance measurements.  MMA has worked with Hewlett-Packard and Seagate on magnetic storage, and with IBM, ST-Microelectronics, and CEA-Leti as part of European Framework funded projects for multi-physics modelling of phase transformation kinetics in phase-change material (InProM, PCRAM, ProTeM).  He is also the PI in an Innovate UK project for the design and experimental development of a high-sensitivity magnetic head for defect detection in steel coiled tubing in the oil-field and gas services industry (CTI-Pro, TSB 132818).  MMA has published over 50 refereed articles with an H-index of 9.